Choir Overseas Exchanges


  Sonderborg Male Choir

 The link with Sonderborg is the latest of the Choir's overseas contacts. Sonderborg made their first visit to Wales on 17th to 19th September 2002. Although they were only in Wales for a relatively short time, their stay culminated with a very successful joint concert on 18th September 2002 thus fulfilling their ambition to sing with a Wel;sh male voice choir. A return visit to Denmark is currently being considered.
a)  Le Diairi (A Folk Group from Montbeliard)

The group made their first visit to Wales in 1991. The visit broke new ground for the Choir with the introduction of folk dance. In turn the Silurians were invited to Montbelliard on 1st. January 1993 to partake in the 200th anniversary of the return of the region to France. It formed part of a wedding dowry in 1793.
b)  The Silurians were invited to a special commemorative event at Pegasus Bridge, the site of the first action of the Normandy Landings, which preceded the actual invasion in June 1945. Following that event the Choir featured in an evening concert as part of a special concert at a former Abbey.

 Sallskapet MM (Muntra Musikanter) - a Male Choir based in Helsinki.
An approach was made by the Finnish Choir to visit Wales the "Land of Song" as part of their United Kingdom tour and a successful if short tour was made in 1987.
a)  Mannerchor Eintracht Alchscheiss of Esslingen.
After many years of seeking overseas friendships, a connection was established when the Choir made their first visit to Wales in 1978. Whilst a return visit was not made directly to Esslingen the Choir were involved as part of another exchange with a choir from the twin town formally of the Rhymney Valley, now the Caerphilly County Borough at Ludwigsburg.
b)  Turnverein Neckarweihingen Choir (TVN) of Ludwigsburg 

The link with TVN Choir was established with the Silurians making the initial tour in October 1978. Since this date tours between the two areas have taken place at regular intervals. In May 2007 the Silurians visited TV Neckarwehingen to join in the celebrations of 30 years of twinning and friendship. In April 2008 the Silurians were invited to send a delegation to the 50th anniversary of the TV Neckarweihingen Male Choir.

A small delegation from the TVN Choir visited the Rhymney Valley in September 2010 as part of the 50th anniversary of the twinning between Caerphilly and Ludwigsburg councils. They shared the stage with the Silurians in a special concert in the Blackwood Miners Institute.

c) Das Ludwigsburger Blechblaser Quintett(The Ludwigsburg Brass Quintett)
Appeared on stage with the Silurians as part of the Caerphilly/Ludwigsburg 50th anniversary celebration in Blackwood Miners Institute during September 2010. They shared the hospitality of the Choir on their final evening in the Rhymney Valley.

d)  Dauchingen Male Choir (Black Forest)

The Rhymney Silurians were invited in 1999 to take part in a special choir anniversary celebrations in Dauchingen. A return visit by Dauchingen Male Choir is awaited.
Horten Sangforening Male Choir of Horten Oslo Fjord 
The initial visit of this Norwegian choir was again prompted by the desire to visit the "Land of Song." Being a choir to grant wishes an invitation was made and they travelled to Rhymney in 1995 where an immediate bond of friendship was established. Although it took a couple of years a very successful return visit was made to Horten in May/June 2002.
Italy:  Coro Soldanella

This alpine choir from Brentonico, a town near to Trento and Verona, like so many other choirs sought to visit Wales with its similar musical traditions. Their tour in October 1989 was shared between the Silurians and The Ardwyn Singers of Cardiff. Once again a strong bond of friendship was established and the Silurians made a return visit to Brentonico in 1993. 

United States of America: The Maryland State Boychoir of Baltimore, USA

In July 2005 The Maryland State Boychoir undertook a tour of England, Wales, Scotland, France and Belgium. They requested to sing with a Welsh choir and the Silurians duly obliged by holding a joint sellout concert in the St. Davids Parish Church in Rhymney on July 2nd.